Age EG Hall Of Fame induction, Billboard, Melbourne, Australia, November 20, 2012
01. (Tim Rogers introduction)
02. (Mick Thomas introduction)
03. Hungry Years
04. Ladies Lounge
05. Lost Boys
06. The Infanticide Of Marie Farrar
07. She Works
08. Scorn Of The Women
09. Away, Away
10. The River Is Wide
11. Up For Air
01. By Tomorrow
02. The Woman Of Ireland
03. Shotgun Wedding
04. The Rain In My Heart
05. American Sailors / Ship In The Harbour
06. Father's Day
07. Seargent Small
08. Ticket In Tatts
09. A Tale They Won't Believe
10. Knockbacks In Halifax
11. For A Short Time
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 55:51 / 59:47
BAND MEMBERS: Mick Thomas (vocals, guitar), Paul Thomas (vocals, lead guitar), Stephen O'Prey (bass, vocals) Michael Barclay (drums, vocals), Jen Anderson (fiddle, vocals), Mark Wallace (squeezebox, keyboards, vocals), Pete Lawler (vocals, mandolin for American Sailors / Ship In The Harbour)
COMMENTS: This is a copy of the master recording taken from the Dimeadozen bittorrent site. The band performed their debut album "Scorn of the Women" in it's entirety plus some extra songs.

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