Tote, Melbourne, Australia, February 1986
01. (introduction)
02. Mr Zeppelin Man
03. Time Is Mine
04. Hey Erik!
05. Hold Me Tight
06. Cool It
07. Groove To The Eye
08. Gypsy Woman (sung by a 4 year old)
09. Psychotic Situation
10. The Creeps
11. High Energy
12. Colours
13. Escape Of My Mind
14. Sweet Daddy
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 43:29
BAND MEMBERS: Jesse The Intruder (vocals), El Sicodelico (guitar), The Creep (bass), The Spoiler (drums)
COMMENTS: From SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 0566


Pismo Beach, Sydney, Australia, November 24, 1990
01. Sudan Butcher
02. Strychnine
03. High Energy
04. Teenage Crush Affair
05. Hero Mountain
06. Flunky Party
07. She's Got The Best On The Beach
08. Leavin'
09. Turnbuckles Rule The World
10. Slow Death
01. Pismo Beach
02. The Good Times (Outweigh The Bad Times)
03. Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist
04. She Put A Spell On Me
05. Albuquerque (Wild Scenes)
06. Miss Kitty Kat
07. Taste Of The Real Life
08. You Really Got Me
09. Cool It
10. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
11. Lunar Chik / I Want Love
12. Rock 'n' Roll Wrestling
13. The Crusher
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 38:15 / 47:07
COMMENTS: Master recording from The King Of Rock. A G2 transfer of a first generation cassette, taken from the Dimeadozen bittorrent site.

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