Annandale Hotel, Sydney, Australia, November 18, 2006
01. (introduction)
02. Too Late To Be Straight
03. Schooners Of The Black
04. Not At All
05. Des's Humble Pies
06. Arthur Gram The Kombi Van Man
07. Harder Than It Looks
08. Skankin' Carpark Blues
09. Too Many Choices
10. Swinging Like Tiger Woods
11. Aporkalypso
12. Too Big For Your Boots
13. Breakfast At Half Past Four
14. No Tomorrow
15. Deep Breath
16. Enter Porkman
17. Big Backyard
18. Alcohol
19. (crowd noise)
20. Goin' Off
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 71:14
COMMENTS: GT Master. I received this recording directly from the taper. There are 5 dropouts during track 2.

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