"Reverberation" cassette, 1986
01. Peppermint
02. Five Years Ahead Of My Time
03. Best Lies
04. Boss Hoss
05. The Weirdo
06. She's Not Mine
07. Apeshit Metal Locusts Eatin' A City
08. Talk Talk
09. Amsterdam
10. Buried And Dead
11. Bite The Bullet
12. Lucifer Sam
13. 7 And 7 Is
14. Walls & Pills
15. Codeine
16. In The Dark
17. You're Gonna Miss Me
18. Peppermint
19. Heartful Of Soul
20. Search & Destroy
21. Sweet Young Thing
22. Wimp
SOURCE: Various
TIME: 52:49
BAND MEMBERS: Guy Lucas (lead vocals, guitar, bass), Aidan Hibberd (guitar, lead vocals on tracks 4, 9, 20), Scott Harrison (bass), Konrad Park (drums, percussion)
COMMENTS: This cassette was released in 1986. Tracks 1-14 recorded at Backspace Theatre Royal and Long Gallery between 10-15 November 1986. Tracks 15-22 recorded live at various seedy dives in Hobart over three months.

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