Init, Rome, Italy, December 11, 2010
01. Here Come The Mighty / You Can't Hide From Your Yesterdays
02. Consider The Moon
03. Am I Diggin My Hole
04. When White Ants Come
05. Sweep Me Up
06. You're What Makes Me Strong
07. The Fish Girl
08. Moosehead Soup
09. It's All Tumbling
10. Stung
11. Lets Find A Box Dolores
12. My Three Strange Loves
13. Pulls Me Like A Tide
14. Baby, I'm Cold
15. Something's Gone
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 74:03
BAND MEMBERS: Mark Snarski (vocals, guitar), Mick Harvey (keyboards, guitar), TB Allen (guitar), Julian Cesaer II (bass), Charlie The Hog (drums)
COMMENTS: This is a digital clone of the master recording.

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