From Broadway To Blazes
7", 1978
01. I Never Thought I'd Find Someone Who Could Be So Kind
02. Radio World
7", 1979
03. Premonition
04. Laugh Too Loud
7", 1980
05. Love At Second Sight
06. Nuisance
07. All I Care About
"Live Locally" cassette, 1979
08. Julie
09. Popularity
10. Whiz Kid
11. Girl Friday
12. Mean To Me
13. Hit And Run
14. Street Treat
15. Please Some People
"Live Locally" cassette, 1979
01. Cancelled Eyes
02. Too Much Money
03. Young And Restless
04. Modern Girls
05. Borrowed Time
06. Love At Second Sight
07. Love Left A Scar On Me
"Last Gap aka Permutations" cassette, 1981
08. Without You (Wasting Time)
09. Talk Talk
10. Losing Touch
11. Centre Of Pride
12. Joy To The World
13. Life In A Microwave
14. Wonder Drug
15. Goodnight
SOURCE: Studio recording
TIME: 45:30 / 44:08
COMMENTS: Not for trade since this is available to download here.


"Live Locally" cassette, 1979
01. Premonition
02. Nuisance
03. Same Mistake
04. Center Of Pride
05. All I Care About
"Permutations aka Last Gasp" cassette, 1981
06. Models For Mankind
07. Oh Girl
08. Fun
09. Do You Don't You
10. Nightclub
11. Tojo Never Made It To Darwin
12. In The Groove
13. I Know That Girl
14. Judy Says
15. She's Run Away
16. Truly
17. Madness On The Run
SOURCE: Studio recording
TIME: 51:14
"Live Locally": Robbie Porritt (lead vocals), Neil Fernandes (guitar, vocals), Ken Seymour (bass), Mark Betts (drums)
"Last Gasp": Robbie Porritt (lead vocals), Neil Fernandes (guitar, vocals), Ken Seymour (bass), Dave Faulkner (keyboards), Mark Betts (drums)
COMMENTS: This compiles all the tracks that were not included on the "From Broadway To Blazes" compilation. Premonition, Nuisance and All I Care About were later rerecorded for some of their 7" singles.

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