"Live Locally"
01. Premonition
02. Love At Second Sight
03. Julie
04. Nuisance
05. Popularity
06. Whiz Kid
07. Girl Friday
08. Love Left A Scar On Me
09. Mean To Me
10. Hit & Run
11. Street Treat
12. Same Mistake
13. Please Some People
14. Center Of Pride
15. Cancelled Eyes
16. Too Much Money
17. All I Care About
18. Young & Restless
19. Modern Girls
20. Borrowed Time
SOURCE: Studio recording
TIME: 58:14
BAND MEMBERS: Robbie Porritt (vocals), Neil Fernandes (guitar, vocals), Ken Seymour (bass, vocals), Mark Betts (drums)
COMMENTS: This was originally a cassette only release in 1979 but in 2004 some songs were officially released on CD: "The Manikins" (Two Tribes Records)

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