Selinas, Sydney, Australia, August 7, 1982
01. Something Good
02. Chances
03. It's Cold Outside
04. McBurney Road
05. Other Guys
06. No Matter What
07. Cathy
08. I'll Keep Holding On
09. The Kids Are Alright
10. Ambition
11. Talk
12. Sue
13. Keep On Running
14. The Noise
15. Time Won't Let Me
16. Frontpage News
17. Last Kiss (song cuts in, only 38 seconds remain)
18. Just A Kid At Heart
19. Shake Some Action (beginning slightly cut)
20. Running Out Of Time
21. Don't Feel Safe
22. School Girl
23. Down Around The Corner
24. Undecided
25. Break On Through
26. New Rose
27. Let's Spend The Night Together
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 78:09
BAND MEMBERS: John Rooney (aka Johnny Heart) vocals; Michael Rooney (aka Mickey Heart) vocals, bass; Tom Watson (aka Tommy Phantom) guitar; Phil Edwards (aka Phil Erruption) drums
COMMENTS: This recording was taken from an old cassette and has the following tape problems: Track 1 (extreme tape mangle for 4 seconds), Track 16 (extreme tape mangle for 25 seconds).

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