Compilation (1977-1978)
Lismore, Sydney 1977
01. Personality Crisis
02. I Got A Right
03. LA Blues
Paramatta Road, Sydney 1977
04. Thalidomide Child
05. A Curse On You
06. Anarchy In The UK
07. Do The Gary Gilmore
08. Australia
09. Do The Harold Holt
"Baptism Of Blood", Alexandria Hotel, Sydney, 1978
10. White Light White Heat
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 32:36
COMMENTS: Here are some comments by guitarist Bob Short upon hearing this recording which a copy direct from the master tape. It was speed corrected based on a template that Bob provided.
"This is a compilation of at least three gigs - so someone obviously loved us! Lismore. Probably the second lismore gig because that constant off beat drumming was noel's trademark. Personality crisis. I got a right. La blues. Then I think it's an earlier pub gig on the parramatta road with a fill in drummer who hadn't heard the songs. I heard thalidomide child, curse on you, do the gary gilmore, anarchy in the uk, australia, do the harold holt. Given the gig was before the one in lismore, that suggests there maybe better copies these were dubbed off. These seem to have been recorded on a cassette with low batteries as everything sounds sped and tuned up. The final song white light is from the baptism of blood gig at alexandria. The blood left over from the psycho single was poured out over willing victims."

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