The Foundry, Brisbane, Australia, January 14, 2017
01. (introduction)
02. Karmic Flop
03. No One Understands Me
04. Stop And Go Man
05. End To End
06. Don't Wait
07. Eternal Teen
08. Weather King
09. Way
10. Dear Morris
11. She Told Me So
12. Little Red Taxi
13. Peaches And Cream
14. Little Piece
15. Shining Star
SOURCE:Radio broadcast
TIME: 55:50
COMMENTS: Broadcast on 4ZZZ Live Delay. This was a concert for the 20th anniversary of the "Less Is More" album and they played this album from start to finish.


The Carbie Warbie Video Compilation (2010-2018)
EVEN: The Tote Hotel, Melbourne, Australia, December 18, 2010
- Back To Life
- Stop And Go Man
EVEN: SLAM (Save Live Australia’s Music) Anniversary, The Tote Hotel, Melbourne, Australia, February 23, 2011
- Suffragette City
- Call Me (with Henry Wagons)
EVEN: Boogie Festival, Tallarook, Australia, April 24, 2011
- Stop And Go Man
- I Never Know Which Way To Run (with Vika & Linda Bull)
- Overtime (with Vika & Linda Bull)
- In The Dark (with Vika & Linda Bull)
DM3 with ASH NAYLOR: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, Australia, October 16, 2011
- Set Me Free
EVEN: The Tote Hotel, Melbourne, Australia, November 1, 2011
- Stop And Go Man
- Don't Stop
- Roadhouse Blues (with The Love Guru Francis Leach)
- No Surprises / How Many More Times
EVEN: Phoenix Public House, Melbourne, Australia, December 23, 2011
- Bowie In My Dreams
ASH NAYLOR: Cherry Bar, Melbourne, Australia, May 12, 2012
- Sweet Black Angel
EVEN: The Regal Ballroom, Melbourne, Australia, June 29, 2012
- What You Wanna Do
- Life Gets In The Way
- Shining Star
EVEN: Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom, Melbourne, Australia, December 22, 2012
- I Have Nothing / Black Umbrella
- Seconds
EVEN: Evelyn Hotel Rooftop, Melbourne, Australia, January 12, 2014
- Overtime
- Black Umbrella
EVEN: Richmond Theatrette, Melbourne, Australia, July 19, 2015
- Life Gets In The Way
- Maybe Love (with Dan Sultan)
- Black Umbrella (with Dan Sultan)
- Getting By
EVEN: Max Watts, Melbourne, Australia, March 18, 2016
- Bowie In My Dreams
ASH NAYLOR & DAN KELLY: Greville Records, Melbourne, Australia, April 16, 2016
- Kooks
ASH NAYLOR & KAT SPAZZY: State Library, Melbourne, Australia, April 20, 2016
- I Wanna Be Your Rockdog
- Don't Wait
EVEN: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, Australia, April 12, 2018
- Black Umbrella
EVEN: The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne, Australia, July 28, 2018
- I Walk On
P.P. ARNOLD & ASH NAYLOR: The Night Cat, Melbourne, Australia, November 29, 2018
- Tin Soldier
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 159:03
COMMENTS: These were recorded by Carbie Warbie and shared on Vimeo here.
QUALITY: 720p or 1080p

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