LGB, Nuremberg, Germany, May 5, 1996
01. Get What I Want
02. Big Star
03. Sunshine Changes Everything
04. Two Girls
05. The Girl I Haven't Met
06. This Is No Good
07. Best You Leave
08. Christianne
09. Girl Model
10. Step Back In Time
11. I'm Drained
12. Groovy Kind Of Girl
13. Hard Feelings
14. Lonely With You
15. Hurtful
16. Dialled Off Her Mind
17. E.K. Special
18. Baby
19. She's A Gogo
20. Burn Baby Burn
21. Girl Model
22. Get What I Want
SOURCE: Audience recording
TIME: 70:42
BAND MEMBERS: Kirk Pohl (vocals, rhythm guitar), Sean Carthew (lead guitar, vocals), Chet Pohl (bass, vocals), Matt Davis (drums, vocals)

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